Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs announced that he will no longer be apart of the Louis Vuitton collection after his Spring 2014 fashion show. He’s worked with the luxurious brand for around 16 years. Along with Marc Jacobs other house designers have also left their well beloved brand such as Jill Sanders. The article makes an emphasis on the beloved fashion throughout the world and the collections that designers have made with other well known fashion houses.


The Making of a Victorias Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show starts tonight at 10 PM. Tune in to watch the Victoria’s Secret Angels strut there stuff on the runway. The article linked to this post explains the process that was taken into account when the designer was putting the final pieces together. Each year the costumes are sure to make head turns with their unique designs and feathers and seeing as they’re all angels it wouldn’t be right to let them walk the runway without wings.


This was a great commercial. This commercial markets toward young professionals who want to dress with style. The site called Shop style allows the user to make picks that pertain to their fashion style. The site Shop Style is brought to you by Popsugar which gives expert advice on the latest trends as well as brands from the stores that you love. The site has everything from jewelery, beauty, men, women, shoes, and bags.


Today I was able to do my own laydown inspired by @Shopstyle. I gathered a few of my favorite items and here is the outcome.



For a girl who claims she doesn’t wear much pink. I seemed to have a lot in my closet along with black and white. These three colors inspired my laydown. Thanks to ShopStyle  and Popsugar for allowing me to participate in this opportunity. #WeShopStyle

Here is a a quick rundown of some of the products I selected:

LA Colors Nail Polish

Love Culture Black and White Dress

Rouge Pink and Tan Shoes

Pink Derek Heart Dress

Coach Wristlet

Hot Pink Belt

Don’t forget to check out for great gifts for the holiday season.


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ASOS Launches digital fashion Platform!

One of my favorite fashion websites has launched a new digital fashion platform and I couldn’t be any more excited. My favorite website to shop for clothes is now here spreading news about what fashion they’re seeing on the runway and how to update your look. Its called “This Just Happened” and it’s geared toward women and their daily life.

Cozy Autumn Hufflepuff


The focal point of this outfit is obviously the oversized striped sweater. This sweater just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a long book. Of course there is a scarf involved; I told you I have an obsession! The Ugg boots just heighten the comfiness of the outfit. I know that many people think that Uggs are ugly, but I don’t care; they are warm hugs for my feet.

P.S I am so proud of myself for using two semicolons in this post. I never really know how to use them so I’m practicing! (Nerd alert)

Cozy Autumn Hufflepuff

Boat neck sweater

UGG Australia gray boots

Print purse
$29 –

Coast black earrings
$19 –

GUESS by Marciano tie scarve

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Flannel is not plaid?

A common misconception in the fashion world is calling Flannel…plaid. Winter is quickly coming around the corner, and that means time for some cozy clothes and your favorite cup of hot cocoa. Now when you get ready to brisk the cold weather, you can be prepared to know the difference between a flannel and a plaid. Leg warmers are also a big hit during the wintertime, make sure to pair them with a nice pair of dark jeans and your favorite pair of boots.