This was a great commercial. This commercial markets toward young professionals who want to dress with style. The site called Shop style allows the user to make picks that pertain to their fashion style. The site Shop Style is brought to you by Popsugar which gives expert advice on the latest trends as well as brands from the stores that you love. The site has everything from jewelery, beauty, men, women, shoes, and bags.


Today I was able to do my own laydown inspired by @Shopstyle. I gathered a few of my favorite items and here is the outcome.



For a girl who claims she doesn’t wear much pink. I seemed to have a lot in my closet along with black and white. These three colors inspired my laydown. Thanks to ShopStyle  and Popsugar for allowing me to participate in this opportunity. #WeShopStyle

Here is a a quick rundown of some of the products I selected:

LA Colors Nail Polish

Love Culture Black and White Dress

Rouge Pink and Tan Shoes

Pink Derek Heart Dress

Coach Wristlet

Hot Pink Belt

Don’t forget to check out for great gifts for the holiday season.


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